Saturday, June 23, 2012

DIY Homemade BAROMETER for Weather Forecasting for PINOYS

DIY Homemade BAROMETER for Weather Forecasting for PINOYS Tube. Duration : 6.18 Mins.

This is the cheapest weather instrument that each and every Filipino should build and have in their homes. Having one will empower the Pinoy against sudden severe typhoon weather conditions. The materials can be found in your kitchen and is made out of items that you would normally discard as trash. You can literally build this without spending a single centavo. Enjoy the experience of building your own Weather Instrument... the Aneroid Barometer in no time and no cost. Mabuhay ang Pinoy!!! This is the second time this video is uploaded... the first one is blocked in our own country... hopefully this one youtube would approved here. :-) Early comments on this video: by: 2bigHybrid 5 hours ago " A must see by most of us. a life saving device.." by: vox1philippines 2 hours ago "Salamat po...." This is a must for every Filipino to build and have in his own home. This low tech elementary school science project is so simple, cost almost free using stuff you normally would be throwing away in the garbage. Yet offer a very accurate weather change readouts. It's so easy to build and so easy to calibrate. Any 3rd grade kid can do this. I used to have one when I was a kid and it never failed to give me accurate weather forecast, that my Grandparents and elders would make it a habit to ask me for weather reports... Life was so easy and sunny back then. Just to clarify to the uninitiated minds... The Aneroid Barometer is an old school science project/ exercise... you can find this ...

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