Saturday, August 11, 2012

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PetSafe Pawz Away Instant Pet Barrier

Guide of PetSafe Pawz Away Instant Pet BarrierPetSafe Pawz Away Instant Pet Barrier (formerly the Innotek Indoor Zone-Pet Barrier) is designed by professionals to instantly keep your dog away from problem areas in your home -- no training necessary. Unlike other deterrents,the Instant Pet Barrier is totally cordless/wireless. You can put the Barrier near anything you want your pet to avoid the trash, kitchen counter, dining room table, baby's crib or protect your furniture. When using the Pet Barrier take these three simple steps: 1) select the area, 2) set the zone's protection coverage area between 2' and 12' feet in diameter, 3) fit the contoured collar to your dog or cat. Enjoy your pet free zone! Your dog collar will work with as many zones as you have problem areas. Zone 1 comes with a small dish and a collar. You put the dish in the area that you would like your dog to stay out of and set it from 2 to 12 feet. When the dog comes within the set "zone" the collar will admit a warning beep. If the dog comes closer the collar will admit a small "static" shock. If the dog comes closer, the level of stimulation will increase until the dog realizes the area is out-of-bounds! The collar does admit a shock, but its a static shock. It feel similar to when you rub your feet on the carpet and touch a door knob. It doesn't hurt, but is very annoying. You can purchase multiple dishes for different areas of your house, garden, ect. You can also purchase multiple collars depending on how many dogs you have.

Cheap PetSafe Pawz Away Instant Pet Barrier Features

  • Instant pet barrier keeps the dog away from problem areas in the home
  • No training or installation required; simply place Zone in area dog should avoid
  • Protects a space from 2- to 12-feet in diameter; runs on 3 AA batteries
  • Collar delivers electronic stimulation dogs quickly learn to avoid
  • Receiver measures 1-7/8 by 1-1/6 by 1-2/7 inches; Zone measures 4-3/4 by 4-3/4 by 1-1/8 inches; limited lifetime warranty
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List Price : $79.99
Our Price : $48.71
You Save : 39%

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