Sunday, August 19, 2012

All you need to know to own a guinea pig

All you need to know to own a guinea pig Tube. Duration : 9.93 Mins. Guinea pigs cab eat~ Red Pepper (or green/yellow pepper. Red has the highest vitamin C concentration) Carrots - both the root and the green tops are perfectly safe for your guinea pig. Apples - just make sure they don't have any seeds. Oranges Leafy greens like red lettuce, romaine, Boston lettuce, (be sure to feed leafy vegetables in moderation to avoid diarrhea, and feed spinach a bit sparingly to avoid potential kidney problems.) Cucumbers Broccoli (in moderation since it can be gassy and cause a gas pain) Green beans Grapes Bananas Dandelion Greens strawberries (in moderation) oranges or clementines. A helpful way to feed these to your piggie if they're being picky is to scoop out some pulp from half an orange and leave some in it so they can lick it without needing to chew on it if they're not diggin' the texture. spinach cherry tomatoes in moderation cilantro dandelion greens parsley - either curly or flat. They love it and it smells delicious when you're tearing some sprigs off the bunch to give it to them NEVER EVER WITH YOUR GP~ While guinea pigs do enjoy a variety of flavors and types of fruits and vegetables, there are some foods that you should never feed to your guinea pig. If there is an item that isn't on this list or the one above and you're not sure, it's best not to feed it to your piggie until you can get verification from a vet. The good foods list isn't comprehensive, so you may find some other online resources with more ...

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