Monday, August 6, 2012

Install basket strainer in hd

Install basket strainer in hd Tube. Duration : 5.37 Mins.

www.plumberx.comHello this is PlumberX. People always ask me what gave you the idea and what made you create these how to plumbing videos? Coming up with the idea was easy. After many years as a plumber and servicing customers at there home I've seen a lot of people in tuff situations, people that could not afford a plumber, people that didn't have time to wait for a plumber to come to there home and make repairs, hearing horror stories of Plumbers that have rip off costumers and gave bad service, to me this was a loud cry for help. One story come to mind; A friend of mine calls me and ask, PlumberX could you do me a favor and help this older lady that I know, and go by and look at her Plumbing, she needs plumbing work really bad but she's to scared to call a plumber because of the cost, and she know that if I send you over there to check out the plumbing she can trust me as a friend recommending you, sure I said I could do that. The next day came and I went to the older lady's home she came to the door with a pleasant smile very humble. I could see it in her eye's she didn't have to say a word ( What is this going to cost ) she was very polite and courteous. Sir would you like some thing to drink and I do appreciate you coming to check out my plumbing on such short notice. No problem mam, lets see what's going on here with your plumbing. This way Sir in the kitchen. As I walk through the home I saw in the corner of my eye younger children around 3, 5 and 6 years of age ...

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