Friday, August 17, 2012

Eco-Friendly Kitchen How-Tos with Behind the Burner

Eco-Friendly Kitchen How-Tos with Behind the Burner Video Clips. Duration : 4.68 Mins. Learn how to clean your kitchen the green way, conserve energy and incorporate local fresh market ingredients into your cooking by making your kitchen eco-friendly. Protect the environment and your health with these simple, beneficial steps. "Trick Always use the smallest size pot or pan necessary for the cooking task and match the cookware to the right size burner. Cooking with a 6-inch diameter pan on an 8-inch burner wastes over 40% of the available energy. Technique: Most things in the kitchen can be cleaned with a basic mixture of vinegar, baking soda and lemons. For bigger jobs, choose natural, plant-based cleaning products. For trash, consider using newer biodegradable, recycled plastic bags. Tip: Buy as much food as you can locally. Most produce in the US travels an average of 1500 miles from farm to plate. That's a lot of wasted fuel! Buying local also supports small farmers and the local economy. Tip: Make smart, informed choices at the supermarket. For a complete list of seafood caught in an environmentally-friendly manner and those to avoid, check out the Greenpeace website. Trick: Think before tossing out food scraps. Many vegetables work quite well in making a chicken or vegetable stock. If you or a neighbor has a garden, save your kitchen scraps in a compost pail and store under the kitchen sink. Trick: Easily save energy in the kitchen by changing incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). These bulbs fit in a standard ...

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