Thursday, June 7, 2012

SWAC - Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner Part 1

SWAC - Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner Part 1 Video Clips. Duration : 9.00 Mins.

SWAC S1E16 Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner Sonny tries to help Tawni have a good date with an intern Hayden (Robert Adamson). Sonny begs Chad for his Lakers tickets. But when she and Hayden are shown on the kiss cam they are forced to kiss and Tawni sees them. Tawni gets mad and hides in her dressing room, locking the two doors. Meanwhile, Chad gets jealous because he sees the kiss on Tween Weekly Magazine. Sonny makes another date and tells Hayden that Tawni is going to cook for him because he likes girls who can cook. But when Sonny learns that Tawni can't cook, Sonny offers to have the date at her place and to cook the food. After Sonny ruins the food, she tries to call Nico and Grady to bring food but she drops her phone in the sink by mistake. Tawni tries to help her by turning on the light but she turned on the garbage disposal instead and it somehow calls Chad. Chad thinks that Sonny is in trouble and later breaks down her door. When everyone shows up at Sonny's apartment, the night turns awkward. Meanwhile, Grady and Nico try to put their influence on the name of a sandwich but everyone that eats the sandwich doesn't want it. Later, they leave the sandwiches out in the sun for 12 hours, and then Tawny, Hayden, Nico, Grady, and Chad eat the sandwich and end up upchucking.

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