Monday, June 18, 2012

Green Your Takeout: How To Reduce Your "Carbon Forkprint"

Green Your Takeout: How To Reduce Your "Carbon Forkprint" Tube. Duration : 2.70 Mins.

It's convenient eating out. But here's the inconvenient truth: one to-go pad thai container - one night's dinner - and the packaging lasts forever! Disposable to-go containers have got to go! Ask Umbra shows you 6 tips to reduce your carbon forkprint. Watch this! Links: To buy Umbras Reusable Tiffin Set - Uncommon Goods Green-Bagging It Angelica Kitchen a great restaurant that encourages bringing your own take-out containers is to-go smart and asks you if you want those plastic, wasteful extras or not. NOT! Tips for reusing take-out containers: The Week of Eating In everything you need to know on HuffPo Green

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