Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trash Machine.

Trash Machine. Tube. Duration : 3.57 Mins.

Hi. Welcome to my fist EcoMagination video. I meant to say "first" just now, but the word "fist" looks so funny right there I can barely stand it. A genuine Thank you to GE and Howcast for sponsoring this video, they are helping me to be able to make cool videos for you, and I actually kind of learned a lot making this one. It was interesting to see what happened when I started looking at garbage as valuable, I realized I throw away a lot of stuff. I realized that I have a recycling bin in my kitchen, but not in my bedroom, so I put one there too. I'm not here to preach to you about the environment, I'm here to make fun videos, and I hope this one was for you. Along the way, I actually learned something about recycling, and if you do too, that's awesome. Very special thanks to MyntGreen for the idea, they make great youtube videos about environmental products (it was a coincidence) You can go check their brand new video out here! see you soon, as always, -nice peter

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