Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Camp Rock 2: Chapter 24

Camp Rock 2: Chapter 24 Tube. Duration : 1.12 Mins.

Shane: *looks at the back and sees a quote* What's this? Mitchie: A quote I made. Shane: *reads it aloud* 'I'm not that complicated. My complications come out in my songs. All you have to do to be my friend is like me...and listen.' Mitchie: *shrugs* Shane: *shakes his head* That is the coolest quote I have ever heard. Mitchie: *laughs* I doubt that. Shane: It's true! (A/N: That is Taylor Swift's quote. It's on the back of her album lyric thing. Again, pretend it's Mitchie's!) Mitchie: *just laughs and takes her book back* Shane: Have you ever thought about getting a record deal? Mitchie: *laughs* Me?! I'm not good enough. Shane: Hey! I thought I wasn't good enough. Now, I am a superstar and I have girls screaming all over the country for me, and tons of sold-out concerts, and an awesome girlfriend. Mitchie: *grins* I am awesome. Shane: *laughs* Wow. You have changed. Mitchie: *her smile fades* Yeah. Changed. Shane: Good changed. Mitchie: *smiles at him* Shane: *grins stupidly* Mitchie: *giggles* You're such a dork. Shane: But I'm your dork! Mitchie: *grins and pecks him on the lips* Connie: Mitchie! Mitchie: Yeah Mom? Connie: I need your help with the vegetables! You too Shane! Mitchie and Shane run to the kitchen and help Connie with her vegetable dilemma. They eventually finish and they walk out to see veryone already there and eating. Shane: Wow. How long were we in there? Mitchie: *grabs a taco and puts beef and sour cream and cheese on it* I have no idea. Shane ...

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