Thursday, May 24, 2012

pokemon yellow part 6 getting second badge and ss anne

pokemon yellow part 6 getting second badge and ss anne Video Clips. Duration : 10.00 Mins.

pokemon yellow part 6 getting second badge and ss anne Cerulean City Gym You can tell that these guys love water, theyve transferred the gym into a pool!!! Youll face 2 lieutenants before you meet Misty. Misty Misty has a level 18 Staryu and a level 21 Starmie, Pikachu or any other plant type Pokemon would do. Do not use fire, what ever you do. The Cascade Badge and TM 11 are your rewards for defeating her. With the Cascade Badge in hand you can also get Bulbasaur from the trainer next to the pokecenter! Bike Shop After defeating Misty, the road to the north will open up, but first visit the bike shop on the southwest corner. They sell bikes for the cheap price of 00000 dollars? 5000 times the price of my bike, but of course nothing is cheap here, a pokeball costs 0. Cerulean City Go to the pokecenter and heal your Pokemon. Make sure you have at least 2 awakenings and 2 pokeballs. Exit the pokecenter and go to the house on the northeast corner, go out to the backyard and defeat team rocket. As a reward you will receive the TM Dig. Dig is an excellent ground attack and can also be used to escape dungeons! Go heal your Pokemon and come back here again. This time, go right, all the way right, then south, youll eventually find a road that looks like its for luxury people, this is route 5. Route 5 Be sure to drop off a weak Pokemon at the daycare. To do this, jump down the middle path to reach the Daycare Center. For a small fee you can leave a Pokemon with him and he ...

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