Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Toronto Garbage Song (Flush Your Garbage)

The Toronto Garbage Song (Flush Your Garbage) Video Clips. Duration : 4.25 Mins.

Album on iTunes! Join us on Facebook! Canadian Store: The Toronto Garbage Song (Flush Your Garbage) by 30 Dirty Thoughts. We made the newspaper! Check it out, On June 22, the largest labour unions in the city of Toronto, Canada went on strike. On top of libraries, summer camps, and swimming pools being closed (and ruining the summers for a great deal of kids) garbage collection was also canceled. The strike lasted 36 days, with the city's main avenues filling up and running over with mountains of rotting waste... and even sometimes strange artifacts from the past like Betamax tapes. It was ridiculous! Canada's largest metropolis, known the world over as a highly civilized, multicultural cosmopolitan city, was full of trash. And it stayed that way for over a month. Recently a deal was reached and collection is set to resume next week, but try telling that to the family of raccoons that have set up camp in Mount Trashmore next to my house. One day we realized we had a highly practical solution to the garbage crisis, and have decided to share it with the world with an original (and pretty darn catchy) song. Enjoy! PS. In case it's not obvious, we're not really advocating flushing bicycles, basketballs, computers, boots, vacuum cleaners, or stools down the loo. So you probably shouldn't do that. That's all I can think of as a disclaimer. Music & Lyrics by 30 Dirty Thoughts Special thanks to the Pig Opium lady ...

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