Thursday, March 22, 2012

Erin Maxwell 108 Parents Case 19

Erin Maxwell 108 Parents Case 19 Tube. Duration : 0.68 Mins.

This is anews video on the subject of eleven year old Erin Maxwell who lived with her father, stepmother, and stepbrother in Palermo Town, Oswego County, New York State, USA. Erin was found critically injured in her bedroom on August 29, 2008. She was taken to a hospital where emergency workers worked through the night but were unable to save her. Erin was pronounced dead the next morning. According to the death certificate prepared by the Medical Examiner, Erin Maxwell died from asphyxia with sexual trauma as a contributing factor. In a section of the certificate which describes how the trauma occurred, it states "Assaulted by another". So to state this as simply as possible, Erin was raped and murdered. The alleged killer was her stepbrother Alan Jones who was the only person at home with her when the incident occurred. He has been arrested on a charge of second degree murder. Thus far, New York state officials have refused to answer any questions as to why Alan was not also charged with sexual assault. The Oswego County Department of Social Services (DSS) had investigated the Maxwell family three times in the past in response to complaints. The DSS was also contacted many other times by concerned individuals but refused to investigate. One person who saw the inside of the Maxwell house and was concerned for Erin's safety called the DSS and was told by a worker, "It's none of our business. We can't tell people how to live". Each of the three times that the DSS did ...

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