Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Authors@Google: Zach Dundas

Authors@Google: Zach Dundas Tube. Duration : 29.70 Mins.

Zach Dundas visits Google's San Francisco office to present his book "THE RENEGADE SPORTSMAN". This event took place on June 10, 2010, as part of the Authors@Google series. THE RENEGADE SPORTSMAN is a fascinating and hilarious journey into the underbelly of this country's sporting culture -- where fans and competitors alike get rowdier, dirtier, and louder than their mainstream counterparts -- to rediscover the true spirit of American sports. A lifelong sports fan, Zach Dundas asks: What happened to the fun, loud-mouthed, down-and-dirty sporting culture he always loved? Has it been replaced with performance-enhancing drugs, fat paychecks, and billion-dollar arenas? Of course not! With a renegade's eye and a fan's resolve, Dundas scours the underground to find the games, fans, and "athletes" you won't find in the sports pages. He tracks a bicycle race across Iowa designed to confuse and downright torture its participants, chases a gaggle of runners wearing red cocktail dresses in Portland, and screams obscenities in Chicago with the rowdy fans of the DC United soccer team. Through these and other harrowing and hilarious adventures, he begins to reconnect with the thrill of sporting as he discovers a vibrant, beautiful, and thriving element of American culture -- simmering right below the surface. A fast-paced narrative that reads with the intensity of the sports he's following, Zach Dundas has uncovered all the eccentric, bizarre characters in this alternative active ...

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