Friday, July 27, 2012

hash browns

hash browns Tube. Duration : 4.40 Mins.

hash browns from scratch It is a helmet cam I made My food blog is My main site Please stop by if you will. This video is really old and I am simply amazed how many views it has gotten. I pretty much make them the same way, but no longer have that crappy kitchen, no 39 gallon trash can in the kitchen, and no longer squeeze the water out of the shredded potatoes. Best advice I can give is to learn the timing and temp. Hash brown should take 15 minutes. Maybe flipping 3-4 times. You just have to get a feel for it. I still stand behind the method, but it takes practice to get the heat VS time to make them how you want. If you make them thicker you have to go lower on the heat and extend the time. Want them thin and crunchy a bit more heat and less time will do it. Key is to have the first side down fuse to hold the structure together for a good flip. The longer the shreds the better the interlaced structure. Small shreds will still work, but you will not be able to flip it in one piece. Get a feel for it and you will know how to adjust the temp and time. Thanks so much for watching this video. It is quite cool to have so many visitors. If you are looking for great cooking tips I am not the best source. Chef Todd rules and I hope you visit him http for killer stuff. He has taught me so much and I urge you to seek his vids for help on everything cooking related.

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