Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bangalore-Treating kitchen waste water for reuse

Bangalore-Treating kitchen waste water for reuse Tube. Duration : 4.12 Mins.

Waste water emerging from the kitchen sink has high organic material from the food dishes as well as oil and grease from typical Indian cooking. This water can be treated with a simple oil and grease trap and a planted filter for reuse as garden water. Approximately 30 litres of water per person per day is use up in doing the dishes in a typical Indian home. The first thing to do is to trap the oil and grease which can be taken out occasionally and put into a compost heap. The food material is also allowed to settle down and separated from the rest of the water. This remaining water is oxygenated using a small aquarium bubbler. This cost Rs 250/- and is obviously a Chinese make. It also consumes less than a half unit of energy every day. About 100 litres to 120 litres of water can be treated and used to water the pots and the garden. If any water is in excess it can be used to recharge the ground through a small recharge well.

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